Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ugly Choices - Where is the beautiful Swan?

John McCain, the "maverick"

Barack Obama, the oh so lovable marxist

Hillary Clinton, the Donkey Machine Stalinist

Most folks objections to John McCain is that he is "too liberal", he is "undependable" and that he is not "loyal". These objections are why many at the Amfree Network don't and haven't supported him.

We aren't "pragmatists" of the Hugh Hewitt stripe to whom government power trumps any concern of political and social principle. That's why many of us have supported Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter despite how our media culture makes such principle driven runs unlikely to succeed.

When confronted in the fall with a choice of McCain or one of the socialist/collectivist demoncrats the choices are clear to those who value liberty and prosperity.

John McCain has a high 80% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union. He has been reliably and staunchly anti-abortion, he's a rock on national security. He is challenged on interpretation of the Constitution and justifies destroying life (embryonic stem cell) for "research". Yes, we could do A LOT BETTER. However, we could do MUCH MUCH WORSE.

Hillary and Barack propose, openly and proudly, collectivist redistributionist schemes such as universal health care and tax payer funding of individual's housing (mortgage) payments. They support artificially high wages mandated by government regardless of economic consequence. They support "environmental" policies that would wreak havoc on the U.S. and World economies. They are blatantly and proudly appeasing towards those who threaten us. They both value their collectivist ideals over traditional family and societal values.

If it comes down to it, staying home would be dangerous to your freedom and your country. McCain is no Reagan but he's certainly no worse than any compassionate shrub you can name.

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