Friday, February 1, 2008

Another stupid argument

The latest argument in the Elephant primary circus is the "a vote for Huckabee or Paul is a vote for McCain". First this implies a monolithic support that McCain hasn't demonstrated. Second, how could a populist, social conservative, economic liberal republicrat Hucklebee supporter vote for Military/Industrial statist McCain? How could a constitutional originalist republican libertarian vote for Big Government Unconstitutional legislator McCain. They wouldn't of course.

Similarly, no economic populist could vote for corporate neo-con Romney nor could a limited government federalist republican vote for Statist, pro-government mandates Romney.

That is why there ARE 4 candidates. My question is how any supposed "conservative" and particularly ANY *real* republican vote for ANY candidate but Paul. Conservative pundits and self-described conservative (used to be or still are statist liberal) candidates all fail to propose policies of smaller government, restraint of unconstitutional government activities at home and abroad.

All but Ron Paul

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