Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Simple Questions for the Pied Piper

While everyone is awash in the euphoria of the Barack Obama Campaign can we ask some questions? While his history is easily accessible may we question his positions in reference to the hear and now?

We know you are "for hope", even calling yourself a "hopemonger". What "hope" are you "for"? What specifically does that "hope" entail?

We know you have assumed a mantle of "change". What specific changes to Federal policy are you advocating? Be detailed and specific please.

We recently heard you say the Federal government is "fiscally irresponsible" and also have advocated the U.S. spending over 850 billion dollars on "global poverty". What exactly is "fiscal responsibility to you?

You recently stated that "tax relief" should go to the "people who need it most". Wouldn't that be the people who pay taxes, pay the most taxes? If "middle class" and "poor" people don't pay tax or pay a very small percentage of the total taxes paid, how does giving them money or tax relief benefit the economy?

You have said that "everyone" has a "right to health care". Can something be a "right" that costs other people money or property?

These are just for starters. Hoping to hook an Obama fan here. Come on and answer us.

Write what you think We'll Post it.

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