Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Academic Freedom

Intellectual discipline and flexibility requires true intellectual diversity. Not the faux diversity trumpeted by the collectivist sheople herders of many (if not most) of our institutions of higher learning. Their definition of intellectual diversity is *agree with us* or you will be punished for your lack of *tolerance*. Real intellectual diversity is the key to actual academic freedom and the road to real expansion of the minds and thinking of our young (and not so young) people.
Liberal/Leftist "diversity" is a road to intellectual laziness. It is a knee jerk refusal to consider anything not in their approved bin of *diversity*. Real diversity requires legal and approved dissent. Indoctrination to *accepted* ideas isn't diversity and doesn't promote diversity.
Campus *diversity* as defined by the progressive donkey's and collectivist herders actually promotes rather than inhibits racism. It creates an evironment hostile to open minded exchanges. Examples of *intolerance* masquerading as "tolerance" abound.
Just a few examples of the Libercrat *tolerance* warriors actual intolerance.
If you deem homosexuality immoral (the behavior) you aren't tolerated on many (if not most) campuses.If you oppose redefining marriage to include homosexual couples you aren't tolerated on many (if not most) campuses.If you advocate discussing all theories of human origins aren't tolerated on many (if not most) campuses.If you see radical fascistic fundamentalist Islam as a threat to freedom aren't tolerated on many (if not most) campuses.
The Academic Bill of Rights in uniformly and universally adopted would allow for our students to focus on intellectual growth and development rather than fending off the social and political agendas of those employed to TEACH (rather than indoctrinate) them.

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