Friday, January 25, 2008

Racism is Racist

Those who wish to profit financially or politically (or both) from issues of race do more to perpetuate racism than anyone else.

One way is by the artificial insistence that one race is or can be *more* racist than another. This is applicable to ethnic or sex based bias also. Being "white" doesn't make one racist any more than being black or asian.

Racism is very simple in definition and concept. That doesn't stop the race profiteers and political collectivists from trying to obscure or redefine it.

Media and Sheople herders use racism to inflame and incite the ignorant. Since racists, by necessity, are themselves ignorant this creates a vicious cycle that servers to justify infringements on liberty. Under the guise of "equality" they form special interests seeking special rights, considerations and money based on nothing but supposed "race".

That certainly isn't what our form of government is designed to support. Liberty is a human right and the human is the only "race" that thinking people should consider.

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