Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Of Sheep and Men (who "matters"?)

The right media (or "alternative media" as they like to call themselves) have a credibility problem with thinking people. In their haste to decide "who matters" for we poor inept sheople they treat real choices, real alternatives with disdain. Where are the intellectually honest talking heads?

Men like Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul, real conservative and libertarian alternatives to our current statist nanny-government candidates pleasing to the lawyerly yappers on talk radio. While the old media shudders in paroxysms of joy over the substance free "charisma" of Obama, the "new" media march in lockstep supporting supposed "conservatives" who all have huge stains of unconstitutional government and statist/collectivist world views.

  • Mitt Romney - which multiple position flip do we believe
  • John McCain - His fondness for media liking him makes any "position" unbelievable
  • Fred Thompson - Conservatism of convenience and "right" version of the triangulator
  • Rudy Guiliani - At least he is upfront about being predominantly liberal and statist
  • Mike Huckabee - Who wishes to demonstrate his compassion and faith by use of Federal Government, raising taxes, freeing criminals and educating the children of criminal aliens

These are the "big five" according to the "alternative" media and their house organ, Fox News. Real proponents of significant, beneficial change that doesn't involve increasing government (as the Donkey "change agents" envision) are discounted. We are told "they don't matter" because "they are (insert epithet here)".

I'm not upset at anything but their arrogance. They ARE talking heads who get paid to bloviate their opinions. What astonishes me it how many, it SEEMS and APPEARS, bleat along passively in agreement. Almost reveling in their ignorance as to how their liberty is degraded on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis by our imperial federal rulers. Lincoln would be astonished and he was the first real "statist" President.

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