Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year Needs

What is needed in this new year?

  1. Sound Currency (not fiat money)
  2. Constitutional (signifcantly smaller) Government
  3. Lower Taxes justly levied that don't punish families, hard work, success or legacies
  4. A more free market economy with less government regulation
  5. Secure borders, not anti-immigrant, rather anti ILLEGAL immigrant
  6. Immigration predicated on assimilation as Americans
  7. Strong defense of the United States not the other countries of the world
  8. Free Trade that is reciprocal with mirrored constraints on protectionist partners in trade
  9. Cultural activism at the community level to assure that liberty doesn't equal license
  10. Protection of life by community effort and agreement to the value of all innocent human life
  11. A more interested and active, educated citizenry and electorate

Just the short list. The long list would be based on acheivment of these.

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