Monday, August 18, 2008

Scary out West?

No but it is worth noting how the collectivists try to manipulate the citizenry in their quest for power.

Yes, power is what they seek to acquire and maintain. Power to RULE YOU.

Read this and see if similar shenanigins go on in your state.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trouble or wishful thinking

I'm torn. It seems that many pundits and republicrats think Senator Obama is "in trouble". They want to do pointless and arcane comparisons to past polling results (from previous election cycles). They want to project their own negativity towards him into wishful thinking it seems to me.

Now Obama IS a Marxist or at least a collectivist socialist. I don't know if I'm gleeful or satisfied given his opponent is only marginally less statist (from a different political base).

Read this and see if you can tell whether Obama has "trouble" or if this is partisan rah-rah masquerading as "objective" commentary.

Friday, August 8, 2008

2 out of three aint bad

Charles Krauthamer gets 2 out of 3 right in the WaPo.

We DO need to conserve. Not at government behest or command. People's economic interests individually will lead them to conserve what they pay for energy.

We DO need to access our own (American) energy supplies. Even if we halve the most conservative estimates of what is available, the U.S. can be a net (even gross) energy supplier rather than importer for 30 years. Enough time to...

We DO need to continue to pursue alternatives to energy supplies. We need this done by enterprise and Americans, not by their nanny government. The market WILL supply what is demanded by the consumers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just don't use it

Jesse Lee Peterson has an interesting opinion that points out the hypocrisy of the the collectivist left. I have a simple solution that can keep our focus on the socialist "progressive" hypocrisies that endanger our nation and directly threaten our liberties.

Smart people should just not use the "N word". If counter culture blacks want to refer to each other that way that is their business. I can see how it irks folks to hear a PC-socially "forbidden" word on the radio and TV all the time. Still, it's a stupid word. I'm fine with "black", "African-American" (although I think that is stupid too) and even "negro" in the proper context.

The "N Word" is just a distraction used by collectivists to impinge speech and thought with justification that no one would disagree with such a sensible limitation. Sooner or later the gauge of "sensible" continues to slide towards collectivism and slavery.