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Understand the Threat (it IS REAL)

Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam

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Understanding that a threat exists and publicizing that threat doesn't constitute "hate". Watchfulness and education should be accompanied by fervent and consistent prayer. The heart is not changed by conflict or violence. One should defend one's self but not be the initiator of conflict. True change comes from love and understanding, not hate or blind violence.


Radical Muslims are created not born. In the United States this process is facilitated by millions of dollars being invested in "Madrasas" type schools and Mosques by practitioners of the most radical forms of Islam. Not all Muslims are radical nor are they all terrorists. Practicioners of Islam who aren't "radical" are held by many other Muslims to not be truly practicing the faith.

Foreign Imam's, Mullahs and other Islamic Clerics are imported to the U.S. to staff these schools. These schools and mosques preach the Islamic message of the universal or world wide caliphate. They reject historic American judeo-christian values as invalid on religious grounds. The "Wahhabi" brand of Sunni Islam is predominant in the funding of these schools and mosques. The people and children are taught that the United States are evil, debased, degenerate, immoral and worthy of contempt. Violent actions against U.S. interests are often tolerated and justified and worse, commended and celebrated by practicioners of this radical brand of Islam.

The freedoms and civic systesm of the United States are used to their own advantage by the radical islamist movement. They hide behind the freedoms of speech and assembly and the freedom of being secure in your own property. They don't support these freedoms but use them. The belief is that any tool should be used to advance the cause of establishing a "Sharia" State in America. The very civil liberties protections the radical islamists hide behind are tools in their efforts to subvert western judeo-christian culture.

Radical Islam is a collectivist theocratic political system where "separation" of faith and state is not only impossible, but prohibited. Yet learning from other collectivist political movements of the past, Islamist activists are quick to project on our countrymen the very motivations they hold. So they accuse people who realize their intentions of "hate" and "intolerance". Yet it is they, the radical islamists that hate western culture and are intolerant of any lifestyle or belief system other than their own.

Economically too, the radical islamic activists hope to influence and control our society. Purchases of real estate and major corporations, buying large interests in banks and financial institutions as a "bail out" or other reasons allow the radicals entrée to major American policy making organizations. Being the major energy suppliers for much of the world also allows radical fundamentalist islam to have significant influence of the U.S. economy through the trickling dependence of all industries on energy supplies.

Local/State Impacts:

The trends and practices noted above are going on in nearly every State and locale in the U.S. CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) is active in every major metropolitan area in the U.S. What isn't noted is that CAIR originated as a Hamas front group. These people are gaining access to your schools in the name of "diversity". They are influencing the curriculums of secondary and university education. They exist to deny and misdirect facts and opinions that outline the intents and purposes of the radical islamic movement. In your community you may see how often Muslim communities segregate themselves and then demand islamo-centric institutions and considerations. The intent on the local and State level is supportive of the national presence of radical islamic activism. They seek to fundamentally change the communities and States where they reside in support of efforts from "top down" to change the nation. They establish mosques in neighborhoods with small Muslim presence as "magnets" for their co-religionists. They then attempt to point out the "intolerance" of long time residents whether such is displayed or not. Whether their practices contravene community standards and history or not.

The Answer:

Then answer isn't hatred, it is Love. The answer is educating Americans of all faiths, creeds and ethnic backgrounds as to the systematic activities going on in radical Islamist circles. The Islamists rely on the fact that freedom they enjoy will lead to the elimination of liberty when they successfully take over. Freedom and Democratic and representative institutions are the answer however. That and appeals to Muslims who don't share radical theology and practices to speak out. Christians should pray for the country and for the radicals who seek to dominate them. Education, exercising your franchise and loving your enemies is a strategy that can succeed. Radical Islam relies on apathy and ignorance in non-muslim communities.

Educate yourself, participate in your community and government and...

Arise! Awake! Pray!

Write what you think We'll Post it.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A right on red eye

Gutfield strikes again.

Why do the "tolerant" (collectivists all) people spew such venom and vitriol at their deceased political opponents and their families?

I agree with Greg's number and number 2 answers as to why. His third observation just points out the moral cowardice and sheep like behavior of the "tolerant" and "progressive" people. I think "stupid" is the primary driver though. Intentional or not.

Monday, July 21, 2008

That's not all they ignore

Dan Stein illustrates, very well, a common denominator between the republicrat and demopublican "presumptive" nominees.

Senator Old and Senator Young both don't give rat's behind about what Americans want regarding immigration. Because they know better than we unwashed ignorant (citizen) masses.

Immigration isn't the only the only issue where the elefinks and jackasses don't really care about you or your wishes. Why? Because they know better than we unwashed ignorant (citizen) masses.

They don't think they are elected to represent you, rather to make decisions whether you like them or not because they know better.

What other issues you might say?

  • Constitutional constraints of Federal Government
  • The right to keep and bear arms
  • The proper role and scope of government
  • Producing more oil (NOW!)
  • Reducing Federal Government
  • Traditional American Citizenship values
I'm sure you can come up with many more. We can.

The "pragmatists" want to slow the collectivization of YOU. The socialists want it faster. Neither has any interest other than expanding the power and scope of the know better crowd of congress-critters and bureaucrats.

  • Vote for something different, throw the bums out, return to the freedoms and liberty our founders intended.
  • Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Remembering Tony

    The passing of Tony Snow is remarked upon

    Write what you think We'll Post it.

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    Goodbye Tony

    Sadness for us as a media person passes. While the press uniformly notes and appears to mourn such passings regardless of the quality of the contribution we note Mr. Snow for a reason. Tony Snow, TV and Radio commentator and former White House Press Secretary has passed from this world.

    Unlike so many in the popular media, Tony provided a refreshing and independent approach to news and commentary. In short, he was good. He understood that "fairness" comes from objectivity and not from partisan position. He handled adversarial situations with aplomb and good nature.

    You'll be missed Tony. Rest in Peace.

    Monday, July 7, 2008

    Praise the Vacuous One

    I love some of the nicknames coming up for Obama as he runs his vapid "hope and change" campaign. Very little hope in his idea of change. His idea of "change" is implementing the collectivist socialist agenda Donkeycrats have been striving for since Truman proposed Medicare.

    Tell us some more good nicknames.

    • Obamessian
    • Obama bin Laden
    • The Dali Bama
    • Barry little difference
    • Obama Mama
    • BHO
    Send us any other fun nicknames. If you send McCain names we'll do a post for him too. After all with only 2 Liberal Statists to choose from this election its a good idea to point it out

    As a bonus, we challenge you to send us ANY real accomplishments (besides attaining office) that Obama has had or made happen during his "public service". He got property cheap doesn't count.

    Participate or use our Resources

    Thursday, July 3, 2008

    Credibility or Passion

    Both are important to compelling social or political commentary and discussion. Unfortunately, in the "blogosphere", too many provide plenty of passion but very little credible fact.

    That's why we ask our contributors to be sure to provide appropriate attribution and to check their facts. Also to keep their passion focused on the viewpoints and not the correspondent.

    Our two favorite and most used (and most used by our readers to let us know of mistakes) fact checking sites are (political fact checking) and (Urban Legend validation). We highly recommend both. Also, our resource page provides other valuable fact sources.

    We love your passion but need your credibility as well.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    One and the Same

    Justin Hart makes a great illustrative argument of the gradual decay of traditional American values. What I don't think he links is the concurrent if not leading degradation of our liberties and constitutional government.

    The left justifies their push to accept and endorse that which used to be commonly recognized as wrong as appeals to individual freedom. What many don't understand is that liberty isn't license. Also that the Federal government has no place or role in social and cultural legislation. That is the sole and sovereign purview of the several States and their composite communities.

    Well meaning "conservatives" such as Michael Medved and Dennis Prager contribute to the decline of constitutional liberty by their support of John McCain. McCain and, it seems, Medved and Prager has a faulty grasp of our history and our Constitutional founding. Both are eloquent warriors in the "culture war" but neither realize that their support of Statist politicians bent on increasing Federal power works directly against the same culture. Dennis' support statement column today shows how he succumbs to "pragmatism" at the cost of continued degradation of liberty and culture.

    Written off as "utopians" by any "pragmatist" allows those who support McCain and 21st century incorrect assumptions about the scope and role of Government to ignore the documentable and continuing diminishment of Freedom and the very foundations upon which this greatest nation was built.