Monday, May 26, 2008

Winning the Future

In speaking with one of the editors on the state of America and the upcoming elections I noted the pessimistic tone of how we see the immediate future.  With essentially 3 liberals contesting the "major" party nominations what is a conservative, libertarian or originalist to do?

I was struck in reading by two approaches.  One aspect is that current political structure and elections isn't as important as "winning hearts and minds" in our every day life and activities.  Not so much to contest those who's minds we can't or won't change but to shore up those of right thinking people. 

The other aspect depends on how we work with and raise children.  Instilling in youth real American values.  Not those values purported to be "mainstream" by our public education and media but the values propagated by our founders and our judeo-christian history and ethic. 

The pessimism comes from the fact that politicians, in most part, don't see themselves as servants but as rulers who know what is best for us and many if not most Americans' ignorance and/or apathy about the role of government.  A republic exists so the people establish the base of law and representatives are simply to make laws reflecting that.  Currently our lawerly lawmakers make whatever laws they think will best foster their perpetuation in power.  Our judges often make things up out of whole cloth based on their own political world view.

We can take back America.  Read the two linked articles above for good starting points.  Also, when you are pessimistic, don't forget that there ARE millions and millions of Americans who still believe in freedom and aren't sheep of the state.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Blog Home coming

We will still continue to post here and at Townhall, but we have given up our (Brit) blog-city presence to host our Main site at home.  As soon as it is up, we'll let you know

Don't forget Nik's MySpace Blog too

Friday, May 16, 2008


Amazing how methinks he doth protest too much. Obama and all Dems took offense where none was given. Assuming meaning often means that a person or persons feel exposed and thus sensitive about a position they hold. So they misconstrue the words of others as an attack on themselves.

Newsbusters has a good story on the President's 2400 word speech to the Israeli Knesset.

Read the transcript of the speech and see what we mean.

Don't call ME an appeaser just because I propose appeasement and even though you didn't even mention me when talking about appeasement.

Illustration of collectivist "good"

More news on the illegal kidnapping of hundreds by the State of Texas

Turns out that one of the pregnant "children" touted by Texas CPS and the media isn't a child. The link above will illustrate the entire event. Photos, time lines and other materials.

Sure they are bizarre polygamists, but if it can happen to them, why not you?
More information

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why "hope" and where is the "change"

Barack Obama promises "hope" and "change" as the key theme of his campaign. What is sorely lacking, to me, are any policy stands that would inspire "hope" in any productive contributing citizen. Hope for "free" (other people pay) stuff? Do societal leeches outnumber productive citizens?

He also talks about "change" but the change he outlines are nothing but repetitions of failed collectivist, big government "programs" and redistributionist socialism.

Where is the change? What inspires "hope" besides any personal charisma? The problems in this country don't detract from its greatness. Its greatness derives from *LIBERTY* not from government. As Ronald Reagan noted; government isn't the solution, government is the problem. I'll add to that one point, citizens who expect to be *given* things by government perpetuate that same problem and care more about narrow selfishness than about liberty.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Path to Slavery paved by busybodies

The sheople allow the government's continuing imposition of itself in to family and individual rights. Not only that, they foster, condone and empower same by their assumption of a right to police the harmless behaviors of other free people.

Yesterday I was at a large park (coaching) and standing 10 feet from a port-a-let. A woman (ewe) walked up to the john muttering loudly, "I wish people weren't allowed to smoke near the bathroom". There was a 25 mph wind in a large open space and the smokers were at least 10 feet away from her. She illustrates the battle. She has munched the grain of statist protectionism and bought in to the belief that her fevered fears (media fed) should have precedence over individual rights. Her imagined "dangers" prompt her to wish that the state prohibit behaviors that have no adverse impact on her.The divorce/welfare cycle similarly convinces people that their selfish, in the moment, wants trump the natural rights of man and family. Because they are told and choose to believe in the beneficence of the state."It takes a village".... to enslave the individual.

If you wish to participate compile and send me a list of such nannyism if you please and time permits you for further exploration of this malignancy. Prosperity can bring arrogance and assumption that you or *WE* have the right to dictate life behaviors on to others.

Write what you think We'll Post it.

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