Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wyoming Ephiphany

Gleaned from a Townhall comment thread on a Larry Elder commentary

Confessions of a reformed liberal
Once I too was a liberal until one fateful day when I was struck by a thought. As a liberal I was unaccustomed to such occurrences; so frightened at the strange sensation I rushed right to the doctor’s office to see what was happening to me.

The doctor gently explained the process wherein one experienced thoughts and logic as well as emotions. He even comforted me that I may grow to enjoy thinking. He was correct and shortly after I opened myself to thought, more and more thoughts came to me in an almost blinding variety showing me a world I never dreamed existed when I lived in my liberal cloister.

Soon after this began happening I changed my political orientation from liberal to conservative. Eventually I changed my voter registration from Democrat to “Unaffiliated” and never looked back.

Modern liberals, you too can make this journey and reach your full potential intellectually. All that is necessary is that you open your mind to the possibilities and be willing to listen to other viewpoints. All I am saying is give thinking a chance.

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