Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stop the Climate Madness Facade

Stop - The American Clean Energy & Security Act of 2009

The Cap & Trade (ACES) Act has been referred to eight committees; these are the targets we need to focus on right now. Our research indicates that Waxman doesn’t have enough votes to pass HR 2454 on the floor so it has been moved into these committees.

Why is this bill being put back into committees? Could it be there are sweetheart deals being cooked up to get this passed?

The quickest, most effective thing we can do is get to the Committees themselves. Tell the committees NO MORE government limits on our rights! NO more hidden taxes! NO to HR 2454 (ACES)!

Committee on Energy and Commerce, (202) 225-2927

Committees on Foreign Affairs, (202) 225-5021

Financial Services, (202) 225-4247

Education and Labor, (202) 225-3725

Science and Technology, (202) 225-6375

Transportation and Infrastructure, (202) 225-4472

Natural Resources, Agriculture, (202) 225-6065

Ways and Means, (202) 225-3625

Make a difference! Contact the critters in Congress

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