Friday, February 27, 2009

Views from a Tax Payer

Contributed by a subscriber, Thanks BRJ!! This is a great read, agree or not. See how Americans are seething.

Ah and where are the petitions to enforce drug testing and birth control for anyone on state/federal aid.

Why should I pay for more babies ( 8 to 1 lady recently) than people can care for when I can barely afford 1 myself?
Why should I pay for people to sit back and do drugs while I have to work my butt off when I want to just sit back and relax myself?

What do these petitions get us? An email box full of mail that may or may not ever get to someone in politics that would even take the time to open it, never mind read it.

Our government is too busy screwing up the nation because they “supposedly” are listening to the select few who need everything.

How dare you give $13 a week - oh wait, I make too much I won’t even get that - then raise gas taxes so I pay it right back.

How dare you say you are giving billions of dollars in a Stimulus Package, only to stipulate how the money is used, which in turn is only good for 2 years and will cost states an unbelievable amount of their own funds when the 2 years is over to maintain what you insist they start.

How DARE you give my money to an illegal immigrant who should have no rights in this country - send them home or shoot them for trespassing. (Example: In AZ a group of illegal immigrants sued a ranch owner because he tried to move them off his property. He didn’t lose the case, only the $100,000 in legal fees - illegal immigrants have NO RIGHT to sue anyone in this country and certainly no right to my social security or SSI.)

Why do we send our money to other countries in “donations” when we can’t feed our children here at home? Why do we adopt children from other countries when we have children here that need a home? How dare we think we have the right to step into another culture and enforce our laws and practices - while our own nation is falling apart? How DARE anyone use the name of GOD to kill another person?

Let socialism rule this land, it becomes prime picking for China who is secretly sitting back and watching as we crumble our own economy. They are silently taking over - look to the owners of large corporations, those silent partners, and the amount of imports we get from them. They are intelligent, patient people.

It is not only our governments responsibility to cure our nation. Our nation has become one that looks to receive handouts rather than work hard, expect money to come to them for nothing in return, standardize “poor” to mean a 3 BR home with 2 TVs, cable, running water, and heat. These are luxuries. Of course the illegal immigrants are taking our jobs - they are willing to work hard for they know where they come from can not offer what we have here. These are not just the Mexicans that do our manual labor for us that I speak of. Legal immigrants from India and other countries are educating themselves and come here to work in our technology fields for the same reason - they work hard and have less at home than here.
Why are we not teaching our children the value of education and educating our children better?

When money is cut - 1 of the primary costs it is cut from is education. We proliferate the cycle by not educting ourselves.

When you try to give everyone everything, everyone gets nothing - we will all end up poorer because the poor “deserve” more.

  • Lust - excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature - our children are having sex at 8!!!
  • Gluttony - the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste - Use up those natural resources and do not recycle, we are killing our own world!
  • Greed - This includes disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, bribery, scavenging, hoarding, theft, robbery or treason: all for personal gain associated with material goods. Example: if you can’t afford a house - you shouldn’t own one - rent, live with family, get a job!! Be happy with what you have but always strive for better.
  • Sloth - melancholy: apathy, depression, and joylessness derived from the failure to utilize one’s talents and gifts. aka Laziness - We all have skills or we wouldn’t be here -contribute to our world! Be happy you breathe each day and make the most of every one of them!
  • Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Get over racism, white people kill and steal and do drugs too! It is not racism it is about lack of education - and Greed!! I don’t care what color my president is, he or she better do their job to protect me and MY WAY OF LIFE AS I HAVE EARNED IT!
  • Envy - resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it. Democrats!
  • Pride - desire to be more important or attractive than others. The US - good to have some, but we are no better than any other country for some of the things we do.

Everyone on this earth is trying to live to the best of their means. Some fall prey to these 7 deadly sins more than others. I am guilty in some respects. These are not only religious in nature, but attest to our everyday living for all people.
I am thankful everyday for what I have, for I realize I could have much less, and that it can disappear at any moment. But I have worked hard to get here and continue to work hard to keep it.

My voice goes on unheard, my wrath does grow as those in power continue to make poor decisions that impact me, only kept at bay by the hope I have in raising an educated child that will help improve the world in some way.
Yes I rarely respond, and this just scratches the surface, especially to politically charged emails, but I am afraid of what is to come…Very Afraid!

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