Monday, February 16, 2009

They should have just cut us checks - imagine the stimulus

Between the "bailout" and the "stimulus" (porkulus) Uncle Sugar has committed to spend 1.4 TRILLION dollars in less than a year.  Now if the math isn't too fuzzy, given about 300 million citizens that's about $4600 per person. If you divided only by those who actually payroll taxes taken from them (138 million in 2007) it would be about $10,000 per person.  If you divided it only by those who actually PAY taxes (95.5 million) the tax payers would each receive about $14,600.

Imagine the stimulus.  That would never work for the collectivists though.   For 2 simple reasons.

1. They just KNOW that they, the collectivist politicrats, can spend YOUR MONEY so much better than your own ignorant unwashed self.
2. They just KNOW that people who don't pay for their boondoggles deserve YOUR MONEY so much more than you do.

Take back the country.  Vote only for Constitutional originalist, libertarian, conservative people to represent you.  Until we run the political class out of power they will continue to attack you American Freedom

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