Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missing Soldier (son of our friend) update

Pasted from an email update. Please continue to pray and if you can help in any to spread this around, please do.
I wanted to give you a heads-up that a friend on one of my national forums had this to report this morning:

I wanted to let you know the radio station I listen to out of Fayetteville announcement about your nephew several times in a two hour period. It was announced about every 30 min during one of their most popular shows. So they are really getting the word out about him. :) So that is good hopefully someone will find him soon.

There are a few people living in that general area that are going to the blog and checking for updates. If the police give you any details at all that I can post, it would be great. It would help to have as many eyes there as possible.

Here is the link, with updated pictures:

Many people are praying, and my prayers continue as well.

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