Sunday, February 22, 2009

HeeHaw - Listen to the Donkey Lie

An this man is Governor of a huge State
Listening to Ed Rendell on FNS (Fox News Sunday) is nauseating due to the glibness of his bald faced lies. I could rip up Granholm (D-MI) and Pawlenty (R-MN) too but Rendell's lying to a national audience is just revolting.
Lie number 1 - "We are rewarding the Banks who's fault this whole problem is". It is the Federal Government's fault by coercing by huge penalties banks into changing their lending practices. Here it is laid out quite clearly.
Lie number 2 (and he repeated it) - Virtually all economists, liberal and conservative, agree that these bailouts are necessary. This just shows how politicians insulate themselves. Do these 200 fall out of his consideration? Oh no, here are even more economists opposed.

And the media wonders curiously why so many people don't trust government.

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