Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ayers and Dohrn: Enemy Combatents

William Ayers and his wife (and partner in terror) Bernadine Dohrn, were in Ann Arbor recently to tell their listeners that they may have been bombers (guilty as hell, free as a bird," I believe ayers phrased it after his acquittal in a technicality), but they weren't terrorists. Why? Because they didn't bomb to kill, if you can believe that. They were non-violent...
Timothy McVeigh was a working-class bomber who was deservedly put to death for killing the innocent. Ayers & Co. were rich kids who bombed cops - blue-collar Joes, quite literally. Their punishment? For Ayers & Dohnr, teaching sinecures at prestigous universities, book deals, and the trappings of wealth - the rewards of a society that they despise.
They should have been put to execution while their crimes were still fresh; as treason knows no statute fo limitations, and as they are every bit as much enemy combatants as any Gitmo detainee, they ought to be charged and tried now, nd suffer whatever punishment proved guilt might merit.

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