Friday, October 10, 2008

A "Lott" of lies by Biden

Perhaps it is not politically *nice* to point out falsehoods and call them "lies".  I find myself preferring to call untruths lies though because the only other answer would be grotesque ignorance.  Kind of scary to think a potential Vice-President is grotesquely ignorant.  John Lott points out Biden's bald faced lies.

Some examples:

-- Will McCain's health care proposals raise
taxes? Biden says that McCain’s proposal will cost people money. The
Tax Foundation finds that could easily be "roughly deficit-neutral over ten years."

Under an Obama Administration the middle class will "pay no more than
they did under Ronald Reagan"? No, the tax rates will be similar to the
higher rates under Clinton.

Did "we spend more money in three weeks on combat in Iraq than we spent
on the entirety of the last seven years that we have been in
Afghanistan building that country"? No, one year’s worth of spending in Iraq equaled five in Afghanistan.

-- France and the U.S. "kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon"? No, and it wouldn't have made much more sense if he had said "Syria" instead.

Is it really “simply not true” that Obama said that he would meet with
the leader of countries such as Iran without preconditions? No, Obama said “I would.”

-- Did Obama warn against letting Hamas participate in Palestinian legislative elections in 2005? No.

-- Do “Iraqis have an $80 billion surplus”? No. If oil prices had remained high, it might have reached $50 billion by the end of this year.

Finally, an amusing point as evidence that Biden is just one of the
people he pointed to, inviting anyone to have a beer with him at
"Katie's Restaurant" in Wilmington, Del. Unfortunately, people will have a hard time taking him up on his offer, since the restaurant hasn't had that name for probably 15 years.

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