Friday, October 24, 2008

If dissent equals patriotism

How many times have you heard a defensive demoncrat exclaim; "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism"?

I've heard it a lot and not just from politicrat donkeys but from their sheople as well.

I would even buy that argument if that is what the socialist/PC/Collectivist types truly meant.  It isn't.  You must do the silent mental translation of nearly all the leftist progressives spout.

You see, the Donkeycrats can't stand dissent, don't want dissent and want to use the power of government to suppress dissent.

To a Democrat, lying about reality is "dissent".  Dissenting from progressive views is "hate" and should be proscribed.

To a Democrat any dissent from their politically correct (in their own minds) world view isn't disagreement it is open advocacy of "hate" and proof of the dissenters "not caring", "being callous" and "being selfish" amongst other things.

Only to a collectivist is individual freedom "selfish".  Pray that the demoncrats don't use their government monopoly (inevitable according to them and their press lackeys) to suppress YOUR American Freedom.

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