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Understand the Threat (it IS REAL)

Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam

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Understanding that a threat exists and publicizing that threat doesn't constitute "hate". Watchfulness and education should be accompanied by fervent and consistent prayer. The heart is not changed by conflict or violence. One should defend one's self but not be the initiator of conflict. True change comes from love and understanding, not hate or blind violence.


Radical Muslims are created not born. In the United States this process is facilitated by millions of dollars being invested in "Madrasas" type schools and Mosques by practitioners of the most radical forms of Islam. Not all Muslims are radical nor are they all terrorists. Practicioners of Islam who aren't "radical" are held by many other Muslims to not be truly practicing the faith.

Foreign Imam's, Mullahs and other Islamic Clerics are imported to the U.S. to staff these schools. These schools and mosques preach the Islamic message of the universal or world wide caliphate. They reject historic American judeo-christian values as invalid on religious grounds. The "Wahhabi" brand of Sunni Islam is predominant in the funding of these schools and mosques. The people and children are taught that the United States are evil, debased, degenerate, immoral and worthy of contempt. Violent actions against U.S. interests are often tolerated and justified and worse, commended and celebrated by practicioners of this radical brand of Islam.

The freedoms and civic systesm of the United States are used to their own advantage by the radical islamist movement. They hide behind the freedoms of speech and assembly and the freedom of being secure in your own property. They don't support these freedoms but use them. The belief is that any tool should be used to advance the cause of establishing a "Sharia" State in America. The very civil liberties protections the radical islamists hide behind are tools in their efforts to subvert western judeo-christian culture.

Radical Islam is a collectivist theocratic political system where "separation" of faith and state is not only impossible, but prohibited. Yet learning from other collectivist political movements of the past, Islamist activists are quick to project on our countrymen the very motivations they hold. So they accuse people who realize their intentions of "hate" and "intolerance". Yet it is they, the radical islamists that hate western culture and are intolerant of any lifestyle or belief system other than their own.

Economically too, the radical islamic activists hope to influence and control our society. Purchases of real estate and major corporations, buying large interests in banks and financial institutions as a "bail out" or other reasons allow the radicals entrée to major American policy making organizations. Being the major energy suppliers for much of the world also allows radical fundamentalist islam to have significant influence of the U.S. economy through the trickling dependence of all industries on energy supplies.

Local/State Impacts:

The trends and practices noted above are going on in nearly every State and locale in the U.S. CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) is active in every major metropolitan area in the U.S. What isn't noted is that CAIR originated as a Hamas front group. These people are gaining access to your schools in the name of "diversity". They are influencing the curriculums of secondary and university education. They exist to deny and misdirect facts and opinions that outline the intents and purposes of the radical islamic movement. In your community you may see how often Muslim communities segregate themselves and then demand islamo-centric institutions and considerations. The intent on the local and State level is supportive of the national presence of radical islamic activism. They seek to fundamentally change the communities and States where they reside in support of efforts from "top down" to change the nation. They establish mosques in neighborhoods with small Muslim presence as "magnets" for their co-religionists. They then attempt to point out the "intolerance" of long time residents whether such is displayed or not. Whether their practices contravene community standards and history or not.

The Answer:

Then answer isn't hatred, it is Love. The answer is educating Americans of all faiths, creeds and ethnic backgrounds as to the systematic activities going on in radical Islamist circles. The Islamists rely on the fact that freedom they enjoy will lead to the elimination of liberty when they successfully take over. Freedom and Democratic and representative institutions are the answer however. That and appeals to Muslims who don't share radical theology and practices to speak out. Christians should pray for the country and for the radicals who seek to dominate them. Education, exercising your franchise and loving your enemies is a strategy that can succeed. Radical Islam relies on apathy and ignorance in non-muslim communities.

Educate yourself, participate in your community and government and...

Arise! Awake! Pray!

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