Monday, July 7, 2008

Praise the Vacuous One

I love some of the nicknames coming up for Obama as he runs his vapid "hope and change" campaign. Very little hope in his idea of change. His idea of "change" is implementing the collectivist socialist agenda Donkeycrats have been striving for since Truman proposed Medicare.

Tell us some more good nicknames.

  • Obamessian
  • Obama bin Laden
  • The Dali Bama
  • Barry little difference
  • Obama Mama
  • BHO
Send us any other fun nicknames. If you send McCain names we'll do a post for him too. After all with only 2 Liberal Statists to choose from this election its a good idea to point it out

As a bonus, we challenge you to send us ANY real accomplishments (besides attaining office) that Obama has had or made happen during his "public service". He got property cheap doesn't count.

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