Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One and the Same

Justin Hart makes a great illustrative argument of the gradual decay of traditional American values. What I don't think he links is the concurrent if not leading degradation of our liberties and constitutional government.

The left justifies their push to accept and endorse that which used to be commonly recognized as wrong as appeals to individual freedom. What many don't understand is that liberty isn't license. Also that the Federal government has no place or role in social and cultural legislation. That is the sole and sovereign purview of the several States and their composite communities.

Well meaning "conservatives" such as Michael Medved and Dennis Prager contribute to the decline of constitutional liberty by their support of John McCain. McCain and, it seems, Medved and Prager has a faulty grasp of our history and our Constitutional founding. Both are eloquent warriors in the "culture war" but neither realize that their support of Statist politicians bent on increasing Federal power works directly against the same culture. Dennis' support statement column today shows how he succumbs to "pragmatism" at the cost of continued degradation of liberty and culture.

Written off as "utopians" by any "pragmatist" allows those who support McCain and 21st century incorrect assumptions about the scope and role of Government to ignore the documentable and continuing diminishment of Freedom and the very foundations upon which this greatest nation was built.

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