Sunday, June 15, 2008

Old time religion?

Barack Obama's half brother is claiming that the Senator was "raised as a Muslim".

Does it matter? Should it matter? It only matters to us in the context of Obama's statements that he has "always" been a Christian. In the U.S. there is no religious test for running for or holding office. As it should be. The only concern to us would be if Obama has been untruthful in his statements about his faith background.

One thing to keep in mind though. Obama has voted, spoken and represented a socialist/collectivist political agenda since he has been in public life. Believe us, there is nothing more divergent from marxist oriented politics than the tenets of Islam. The only thing they have in common is there requirement for authoritarian collectivism at the expense of individual liberty.

Keep studying Senator Obama and Senator McCain. You can weigh their competing brands of big Federal government statism. It's appalling but it is what you have to choose from.

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