Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Path to Slavery paved by busybodies

The sheople allow the government's continuing imposition of itself in to family and individual rights. Not only that, they foster, condone and empower same by their assumption of a right to police the harmless behaviors of other free people.

Yesterday I was at a large park (coaching) and standing 10 feet from a port-a-let. A woman (ewe) walked up to the john muttering loudly, "I wish people weren't allowed to smoke near the bathroom". There was a 25 mph wind in a large open space and the smokers were at least 10 feet away from her. She illustrates the battle. She has munched the grain of statist protectionism and bought in to the belief that her fevered fears (media fed) should have precedence over individual rights. Her imagined "dangers" prompt her to wish that the state prohibit behaviors that have no adverse impact on her.The divorce/welfare cycle similarly convinces people that their selfish, in the moment, wants trump the natural rights of man and family. Because they are told and choose to believe in the beneficence of the state."It takes a village".... to enslave the individual.

If you wish to participate compile and send me a list of such nannyism if you please and time permits you for further exploration of this malignancy. Prosperity can bring arrogance and assumption that you or *WE* have the right to dictate life behaviors on to others.

Write what you think We'll Post it.

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