Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Pastor Says - Visit Them

Rev. Wright’s Profane Condemnation of America was Appalling

If you -- like most Americans -- were appalled by Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s profane words, you can make a personal statement to your friends and neighbors with one of these bumper stickers from

GOD has Truly “Blessed” America from its Beginnings.

Even though we are not perfect, we firmly believe that as a nation and as individuals, we are freer, more secure, more tolerant, more merciful and more helpful than any other nation.

Unlike Some People, We Can’t Sit By and Listen to America being Trashed.
When we hear that people and politicians would sit and listen to such profanity week–in and week-out for years and years, we are saddened that they would not stand up to the one who would utter such hateful and hurtful epithets.

Though we do not hate those who, like Rev. Wright, would seek to tear our nation apart, we disagree with them and we will stand against that message of racial divisiveness and bigoted hate.

We Hope You Too Will Stand Against Such Statements.

Regardless of your faith, we all can agree that GOD has “Blessed” and continues to “Bless” America. Depending upon your faith, you can display a bumper sticker that says “MY Pastor Says” “MY Minister Says” “MY Priest Says” or “MY Rabbi Says” that GOD has “Blessed” America.

Check us out at We will mail a bumper sticker with the clergy of your choice to you for just Three Dollars ($3.00) each. We will pay the shipping costs. Need more? Check our website for quantity discount pricing.


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