Saturday, April 19, 2008

Letter to Governor Perry - Use it!

Below is a letter, courtesy of one of our Editors, that we suggest all readers and contributors send to Governor Rick Perry of Texas. It outlines the outrageous raid in Texas on the polygamast compound and the siezure of 400+ Children by the State.

Dear Governor:

Greetings. I respectfully protest the mass arrest of the children of the polygamist Mormon offshoot church in the recent raid. Their Constitutional and common-law protections against illegal search and seizure have been violated, the children traumatized, and the parents made to suffer, without cause. Unsubstantiated allegations made by phone are not cause for gross use of force in a civilized, Christian society. After Waco, I would have thought that this lesson would have been learned.

I cannot in good concience support a state that assaults the Constitution I swore an oath, upon entering the Armed Forces, to defend. It is admittedly a small matter, my protest, but I will discharge the duty of my conscience by refusing to do business with Texas companies, to hold investments in Texas headquartered companies, to travel there (my last visit was last October), and by encouraging my friends to do the same, via the internet. I call on you, by your oath to the Constitution of your own State, to step in and use whatever means are necessary to restore these children to their patents, and to fire the responsible parties.

Write what you think We'll Post it.

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